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Members send in various questions they have about just about anything dealing with their businesses and CAAG sends the question out to the membership asking them to tell us what they think about the question.  Questions and answers are anonymous to protect the members’ identity.  However, if a member would like to talk to a certain member who responded, we call them and ask if it ‘s ok to give them the contact info.


Below is a list of the topics which have been asked recently.  If you would like to see the responses, please contact the CAAG office at bruce@caag.org or 678-646-2224.


¨ After Hours Charges

¨ Average Repair Cost

¨ Call backs on service calls

¨ Christmas bonus

¨ Commissions for Full Time Sales

¨ Dispatch Software

¨ Drains that leak

¨ Employee’s Accountability

¨ Employee Turnover

¨ Energy Code

¨ Fiberglass Duct Board Plenums

¨ Flat Rate Price

¨ GPS Tracking Systems

¨ Heat Pump Problems

¨ High Efficiency Furnaces

¨ Holiday Pay Policy

¨ Holiday Schedule

¨ Inspection Procedure

¨ Insurance Survey

¨ Labor Warranty

¨ Licensing Law Changes

¨ Office Manager’s pay

¨ On Call Pay

¨ On call Techs

¨ Percentage Spent on Advertising based on Gross Sales

¨ Permit Fees

¨ Retail Sales People

¨ Service Managers’ pay

¨ Service Vehicles

¨ Software Survey

¨ Tech’s pay / year end bonus

¨ Tracking Sales Leads

¨ Trucks taken home over night

¨ Turn Off Furnace if Unsafe

¨ Uniforms

¨ Vans to sell

¨ Water heaters

¨ Web based systems


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