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Rifle Raffle

"Tribute to the

HVAC Specialist!"

CAAG is excited to sponsor a “Tribute to the HVAC Specialist” Rifle raffle! CAAG is selling raffle tickets for a limited-edition Marlin 45/70 lever action “HVAC Specialist” rifle.

This beautiful gun will make any owner proud and will serve as a great fundraiser for the CAAG PAC.

Tickets will be sold at $100 each. So, buy your ticket(s) while they last! We hope all of our members will consider buying at least one ticket.

This could be the perfect gift for you, kids, grand kids, another family member, clients, or key employees (great incentive).

If you would like to buy a ticket(s) for your chances to win this limited-edition “HVAC Specialist” rifle, Click Below.

CLICK HERE for more information

CLICK HERE to purchase ticket(s) 

If you have a problem email us at bruce@caag.org or call 678-646-2224.

Fall Seminar

Nov. 11, Macon, GA

We assume the Coronavirus situation will be over and we will be able to have this meeting.  As we get closer to the date we will watch and if we need to cancel it. we will do it in plenty of time to notify you and refund your fees.

The Fall Seminar is where the top HVAC professionals in the industry in Georgia meet for a 1/2 day seminar to hear industry experts speak on topics that are of great importance to them and receive 4 hours of CE for the day.  

Members also have the opportunity to offer their input into issues in which CAAG is involved.  

This meeting is also a great place to network with the most successful members of the industry.  We also have various exhibitors from industry suppliers there to exhibit and answer questions.

Once you come to this meeting, you will not miss it again.

You have time to drive in in the morning and return home that same evening without having to spend the night like you do at the Annual Conference.



Certificate to Show to Officials

HVAC Is An "Essential Service"

CLICK HERE for a printable version of the form below.

Platinum Sponsor


Who is CAAG?

The Conditioned Air Association of Georgia (CAAG) is a state-wide, non profit trade association which represents heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration contractors (HVACR) who work on residential, commercial and industrial construction projects.

CAAG has over 500 members in 13 local chapters. The membership is composed of a great diversity in sizes of member firms from the very large mechanical contractors to the very small family owned businesses. Regardless of the size, CAAG represents the professionals in the industry who have a genuine interest in improving the industry for both the customer and the contractor.

CAAG’s goal is to promote quality and professionalism in the HVACR industry in the state of Georgia and the demonstration of a genuine concern for the satisfaction of our customers by providing quality service.

For more information call Bruce Widener, CAAG at  678-646-2224 (CAAG) or see our web site at www.caag.org.


What has CAAG done for YOU lately?

* Being able to mail or fax in permits.

* Amended the “Veterans’ License Law” to say they had to take the   exam         to prove they are qualified.

* Only have to buy One (1) Business License (This should pay your dues for        ever!)

* Being able to do your own Electrical work.

* Provided that you have 2 days to get a permit in emergency cases.

* Got the “Handy Man” amendment vetoed!

* Stopping the “Grandfather” Clause year after year that would open up            licensing to unqualified people.

* Provided for stiff penalties for “Unlicensed Contractors”.

* Requiring the license number on vehicles to easily identify unlicensed           contractors.

* Being able to sue cities/counties for excessive permit fee and have them        pay our attorney fees.

* Stopping Utility Competition and cross subsidization of utility funds.

* Improved Lien Laws—”Title to Equipment” clause.

* Working on better insurance rates—P&C, Work Comp, Health

* Working to improve the industry for all of us.


Become a member

Join CAAG today to help advance the HVAC Industry.

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Recently we asked CAAG members why they belong to CAAG and we got some really interesting responses. Click the image to the right to download the entire details.  We hope you will take a minute to read some of these and think about whether YOU should join with us to.

Below are a few of the comments that our members made in a very much abbreviated version. I hope you will take the time to read their entire comments. When you do, I think you will agree that YOU will also benefit from being a member of CAAG. I hope you will join us today and help us, help YOU!

  • I believe CAAG dues are the best investment I make in my business
  • Responsible for numerous positive changes we take for granted
  • When I had a problem CAAG RAN to my rescue
  • Without unified representation we would be much different today
  • Identifies potential legislative/bureaucratic threats to my lively-hood and works to stop them
  • CAAG “has my back” so I can focus on running my business
  • Provides strong industry voice
  • Educational opportunities
  • Keeps up to date on latest industry trends
  • Code and law advocacy
  • Right thing to do for our industry
  • CAAG supports US
  • Gives opportunity to interact with other HVAC dealers across the state and learn what is working/not working in their business
  • A voice on legislative matters
  • Cutting edge Continuing Education
  • Keeps me informed
  • Mail in permits
  • Only buy 1 Business License
  • Helps on Sales Tax issue
  • Promotes and increases professionalism and ethics
  • Awesome members and maintains high quality
  • Continually makes an effort to stop unlicensed contractors
  • Helps maintain high level of competency
  • Provides innovative ideas, training
  • Political updates
  • Helps contractors do a better job
  • Makes our job easier
  • Provides us with buying power
  • Stays on top of new codes and laws that I don’t have time to do
  • It is VALUABLE to us
  • A voice at the Capitol
  • Members understand value of high ethical standard
  • And much, much more!
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