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What has CAAG done for YOU lately

In The Legislature?

Below are specific Georgia State Laws that CAAG has gotten passed over the years to help HVAC Contractors and the Public at large.

Business License (Occupation Tax)

  • ·       Only have to buy One Business License
  • ·       Must have state qualification license to buy a Business License
  • ·       If your local jurisdiction does not charge a Business License, you don’t have to buy one anywhere.
  • ·       Working to say cannot charge a business license basted on Gross Revenues

Permits (Regulatory Fee)

  • ·       Mail/fax inpermits instead of hand carrying them
  • ·       Have 2 days after work to buy permit if sold during weekend
  • ·       Cost approximately what the inspection cost
  • ·       May NOT include, admn fee, registration fee, or fee by any other name!
  • ·       Sue for excessive costs AND get attorney’s fees (Several times!)
  • ·       Cannot charge an Annual Permit Fee
  • ·       If NO inspection, Cannot chare a Permit fee
  • ·       cannot use permits to raise general revenues
  • ·       A local board of education cannot charge a permit or inspection fee
  • ·       Working to amend law to say cannot charge by Cost of The Job!

Unlicensed Contractors

  • ·       Criminal fine-$1,000 / day AND 6 mos in prison and Civil fines $500 / day
  • ·       Not ever get a license if continue illegally and then apply
  • ·       Must have Full Time Employee with license
  • ·       NOT necessary to see work being doing for a violation
  • ·       Any type of advertising is evidence of a violation
  • ·       License REVOKED is help an unlicensed person
  • ·       Encourage suppliers to sell only to licensed persons
  • ·       Veteransmust take test to prover qualified
  • ·       Letters are written often to Unlicensed Persons quoting the law
  • ·       Gen Contr & Home Bldrs license revoked for using Unlicensed persons

Code Compliance Bond

  • ·       ONLY ONEin your home county no where else.
  • ·       Many have eliminated this.

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